Stanford University dedicated to accelerating high-technology entrepreneurship education and creating scholarly research on technology-based firms that, in turn, provides new insights for students, scholars, and business leaders. Stanford Technology Ventures Program offers entrepreneurship and innovation courses.

As like as Stanford, School Business and Management (SBM) which is dedicated entrepreneurship in Indonesia that has mission make the student to be creative and innovative entrepreneur, they also has creativity and Innovation course to support it.

We will explain about the differences between creativity course in School Business and Stanford. The explanation will show in this table below:




Course Technique Classroom workshop and team project Classroom workshop, case study, team project, field trip and expert classroom visitors 
Philosophy Creativity exploration  Creative problem solving
Team Project Create anything kind of creative and innovative project  Identify creative and innovative organization
Individual  Assignment Create creativity portfolio in blog Create creativity portfolio in a blank book 
Grade 20% quiz10% quantity5% quality

50% participation/ attendance

25% attendance and class participation25% homework25% creativity portfolio

25% final team project


After we compare these two universities, we can assume that each university has their own advantage and disadvantage. As for SBM, who thought the students about creativity by giving a task to create a blog as a tool to fill any creative idea, although blog aren’t popular in teenager this day, but the blog itself have a lot more advantages which is every people in the world can see the result of our creativity.

Meanwhile, Stanford University has a field trip study in their curriculum system. Where the field trip could give a fresh experience to the student and give a direct experience about anything that they were learn.


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