Project #1: Photography Style

We can create anything creative stuff with all our imagination. In this case, we will share about creativity stuff by using camera. We could make something new from a camera. For examples are multi-image and multiple exposure effect.


Most prism filters do little more than multiply the image. With the Cokin Multi-image filters, you can create more than just repeat images, because the filter holder is fully adjustable both axially and laterally. This gives you much more control

school crossing

Multiple exposure effect

This can be done with an unusual multiple exposure technique which uses three filters to produce the sort of effects which are not seen every day. This requires the following Cokin filters: Red (No. 003), blue 80A (No. 020) and green (No. 004).
A triple exposure is made from a camera on a tripod using a different filter each time. All static elements within the picture will come out more or less normally. But where movement has taken place between the exposures the objects affected take on colors because they were photographed in different positions with only one or two filters. A seascape can appear normally colored as far as the rocks and beach are concerned, but the waves cause the water to glisten in rainbow colors, at least in those areas where it-is in motion. All three basic colors are visible, both singly and in all their combinations. The only important point with this technique is that the exposure time should be estimated beforehand and then divided by three. Alternatively, set the film speed to three times the ISO rating and use the resulting exposure time as a basic value.
We think those all are very unique and also creative. It can make people love those photo.

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