About Us


We are the “EIGTH” SBM’s students who likes experiences in something new and being creative & innovation for sure.. We want to introduce our wacky people….

1. Ayu Trihastuti, girl who likes to eat..eat..and eat.. hahaha But, inwhile she also very addicted to go to gym.. What a healthy peeps !

2. Rissabella Putri, sleepy girl… Her hobbies are sleeeeeep, no other else.. Eventhough we are in traveling, which is we have limitation of our sleeping time, she certainly should have enough time to sleep =)

3. Trianna Kartika, or called banana.. Fragile person *in literally.. She has fragile body and often “pingsan” if tired.

4. Diajeng Fudiyana, the smartest girl ! She is the teacher of us, help us in learning the subjective, mostly if we close to midtest and final test.

5. Nina Shanty, the most spontaneous people in the world.. Likes to do extraordinary and crazy things, that would amuseand  bring laugh to us..

6. Betania Jezzamin, is the most “padang” people.. hahaha Her soul is soooo “padang, jiwa berdagang” and grandchildren of Mr. Emil Salim =)

7. Ryan Akbar, brother of Rissabela.. He likes to read comic all day until skip the class.. hehehe His way to speak is very sundanese..

8. Anggita Dwiyani, is the person who write all this things “About Us”. So, I will not give a comment on this, hahahaahaha


One response to “About Us

  1. Anggita Dwiyani is a slow-motion girl, who need 5 minutes just only to turn his head or to answer a simple questions! hahaha.

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